Based on your business needs and goals we have an SEO strategy for you. Our search engine optimization services get your business noticed. Rank on Google Maps, expand your rankings with custom content marketing, or get our GROW service and fuggedaboudit.

GMB Ranking

Local Maps SEO
$ 799 Monthly per location
  • Maps Optimization
  • Weekly GMB Posts
  • Local SEO Tasks


Powerful Organic SEO
$ 1249 per Month
  • GMB Ranking
  • Content Marketing
  • Site-specific SEO
Save $249

Content Marketing

Monthly Custom Blogging
$ 699 Monthly
  • Choose 1, 2, or 4 Posts
  • Custom Media Assets
  • Shared & Distributed

WordPress SEO Services

Search engine optimization, if done correctly and with integrity, can exponentially grow your business through targeted “in the market” search traffic. 

We have been building and ranking websites for almost a decade and have been thrilled to see the maturation of search algorithms over recent years. To be honest, for real SEOs, the changes are welcomed. The web is getting cleaner, and the best content is ranking, the spam is being eradicated. 

Our WordPress SEO Services keep your business on top of relevant search results. We do this through creating awesome new content that Google can’t help but rank. 

Is WordPress good for SEO?

Yes WordPress is good for SEO. Although, in the wrong hands, it can quickly become bad for SEO. Don't think you install Yoast SEO and you are done.

Is Squarespace or WordPress better for SEO?

Hard to say. Both have a lot of baked in search engine optimization features to get you in the search results. Squarespace may be a better option if you are planning on selling products online, but then again WordPress can be used to create a great online store as well. It will come down to personal preference.

Can I do WordPress SEO myself?

Of course you can. Anyone who claims it is a "dark art" or "secret society of gurus" is a moron. But it does take knowledge, skill, time, a willingness to fail and not give up, a passion for technology, and potential study of algorithms. There are of course the simple pieces that you can do yourself and maybe hire an expert when things get too complicated or time-consuming. You can read more about planning an SEO campaign here.

Types of Search Engine Optimization Projects

SEO comes in a few different “flavors”. Based on your business and your specific goals you will find yourself most likely employing one of the following styles of SEO.

Local SEO

The first style you may be familiar with, and for many of you this is the reason you are here, is Local SEO. Local SEO is the process of ranking a business high in local maps search results to get customers from the immediate surrounding area. As Google has evolved this has gone from ranking pages on a website with that location information (if only one location then even the homepage) to today when Google Maps is boss and getting into the 3-pack on Page 1 is key to successful local SEO.

It’s best to think about Local SEO like Google is a local referral business. Customers, or searchers, use the business to find what they need. Like “Hey Google, who’s the best plumber in this area?”. These days with voice search, Google Assistant, etc – that could be a real search query.

How would a real person act in this situation? If I have lived in the area for 30 years, I have probably used a plumber or two. As a referral business maybe I’ve looked up 10 of the best plumbers in the area and researched them a bit. Which plumber would I refer to you? Someone with a ton of great reviews and a website that I can send you to, confident you will easily find the information you are looking for? Or someone with a sketchy website and no customer reviews, so on and so forth. Someone that shares interesting plumbing tips on YouTube every week? Or someone that has no social posts since 2014?

You get the point.

In reality, the person with the sketchy website may be the better plumber, but they will lose the customer every time because from the outside looking in they look less trustworthy, and that single word is the whole point of Local SEO. Making YOUR business the one that Google refers to. You have the most reviews. You have weekly or at least regular fresh content coming out. You are consistently improving your website to make it more user-friendly and informative.

  1. Slow website? Not a good user experience for their customers (“searchers”). Google is not going to refer you.
  2. No new content for years? Your information is probably out of date. Google is not going to refer you.
  3. Wrong business information out there? Not trustworthy if your website has one phone number and Yelp has another. Google is not going to refer you.

What can you do to 100% ensure that your website or business is the one that Google refers to? What could be done to make it impossible for them to deny that your business is the one that should be #1? You will NOT let down their customers (“searchers”) with a bad experience. You have created such a trustworthy appearance and presence online that they rank you #1 with confidence and you deliver.

The list is fairly extensive, and after the basics, there are always more things you can do to build your “online empire”. We would be happy to set up a consultation with you to discuss further.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO takes the same concepts as Local SEO but now instead of focusing on locally targeted searches we can get more traffic from search by ranking for keywords and queries that are not specific to a location. So instead of “best bakery near me” someone searches for “how to make gluten-free cupcakes”.

If your business can provide services or products to customers anywhere then organic SEO can be a great strategy to exponentially grow your website traffic.

However, for this type of campaign, the strategy does change a bit. A lot of the rankings will come from quality content and not just “trustworthiness”. Reviews and location information like name, address, and phone number do not matter so much. A great article that fully answers a searcher’s question does.

Instead of trying to dominate search results for the hundred or so local variations of your service keywords (best Charlotte SEO company, SEO company near me, SEO services nearby, highly rated SEO company…) you have the opportunity for almost “unlimited” traffic through long-tail keywords. Like “how do I set up a new WordPress website to rank well on Google?” or “what are the best WordPress SEO plugins to use on my website?”.  Each new web page you create is a ranking asset and when you suddenly have 100+ ranking assets after a year of solid SEO work life is good.

Long-tail keywords are “unpopular” (i.e., low Volume) and highly-focused search queries that tend to convert exceptionally well.

Ahrefs Blog

How to take advantage of this? It starts with research. Specifically, keyword research to find the hundreds if not thousands of topics that could be discussed on your website. Then competitor research to see what companies are already attacking those keywords. One thing to understand at this point is that there are many companies out there who have been doing this for many years. They have a leg up and an advantage. But those companies may also have older slower websites or be ranking for keywords just because they haven’t had any competition yet. If your website is better, and your content is better, you can win.

Armed with keywords and competitor information, next we create a monthly strategy to write and publish fresh and interesting content on your website. Content that ranks well is long (1000 words or more) and fully answers a specific topic or question. “Thin content”, pages with less than 500 words, will not only NOT rank well anymore but in some cases hurt your overall website. We want to flush out pages completely and create some true assets that will rank for years to come.

The second piece of organic SEO is earned media or “backlinks”. In today’s search landscape, the algorithms are extremely smart so this section does not just cover actual links, as it has for many years, but also things like brand mentions. That’s a lot of technical jargon so below we explain both things.

What are backlinks?

What are brand mentions?

Brand mention is simpler and pretty self-explanatory. This is when your brand name is “mentioned” in an article or post of some sort. In this case, there is no actual “link” back to your website, but still, this carries weight when search engines consider which business or websites are “trusted” and which are not. If your brand name is continuously mentioned in favorable prose by top influencers in your field, then your trustworthiness goes up.

Reviews for eCommerce SEO campaigns are great for this as well. An article may not link to your product page, but if the product or brand gets mentioned on review sites over and over then Google assumes (correctly) that it must be a popular product.


Technical SEO

Technical SEO has to do with the actual technology that runs your website along with the code of your website. Many people confuse “on-page SEO” with technical SEO when they are not the same thing.

On-page optimization refers to making sure your content is correctly optimized for search engines to understand. This means your keywords are in the right spot, your images are named correctly, and you have 20+ other elements correct on a page by page basis.

Technical optimization, on the other hand, refers more to things like how fast your website loads, is your website protected by SSL certificate, etc. During a Technical SEO audit, our team looks at the hardware and software running your website. Sure that GoDaddy hosting price looks inviting but when you are on an old server with limited RAM and running PHP 5.4 then your website will never perform up to its full capabilities.

Hosting, and especially WordPress hosting needs to be technically “up to snuff” for your website to perform it’s best. If your competition is running PHP 7.3 and has advanced caching in place along with other server optimizations and you are chugging along on GoDaddy shared plan then you need to rethink your strategy.

Read about our WordPress CARE plan here.

Our technical SEO audit is geared towards established regional websites, eCommerce websites, or SaaS startup site and runs through a myriad of checks both software-driven and manual to ensure any future organic SEO campaigns you may embark on can get you the most success possible.

What Is WordPress SEO?

What makes this “WordPress SEO” specifically? Great question. 

While our process has helped all types of websites rank higher, our expertise lies in WordPress and we have found that it’s best to be true experts at one thing instead of trying to do it all. 

Here are 5 reasons why our SEO services are perfect for WordPress websites:

  1. WordPress is built using the PHP programming language. We are PHP experts and have 10+ years of experience creating PHP snippets and code that helps your website rank.
  2. We understand the technology and software it takes to run a competitive WordPress website. From versions of PHP itself to Redis, Varnish, Memcache, versions of MySQL and more. We are the nerds you have been looking for.
  3. WordPress has a huge plugin ecosystem to pretty much do anything you want. Not only have we created our WordPress plugins, but we have used and tested hundreds of the most popular. We can advise on which to use, which to avoid, or even write some custom code so you get the same benefit but can delete a plugin. The more plugins you have installed the slower your site typically runs.
  4. We install and set up WordPress SEO plugins and include the PRO version in all our campaigns. Hint: we don’t use Yoast and you shouldn’t either. Read about setting up an SEO Campaign.
  5. We study and stay up on the latest WordPress trends. When new versions come out we understand the changes and implement quickly. We test out, try, and review almost all new products in the WordPress world. We write articles and post on social media about it. We share what we learn in our WordPress group Better WordPress Habits. In short, you can say we are WordPress obsessed and this bodes well for your WordPress SEO.

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