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~ a la carte website issue fixes ~

So you’ve got a website. You paid a bunch of cash for this thing a year and a half ago and lost touch with your neighbor’s cousin’s friend Mike who was into web development at the time but now is rock climbing somewhere in Arizona. 

So far, so good. Nothing wrong with that. But you are moving your business address and your old address is on every page in the footer. No answer from Rock Climbing Mike. 

We’ve got you! Purchase a single task and let us know what the issue is. Most tasks we are able to complete in 48 hrs or less. Almost every simple WordPress task you can think of can be done. Need some text changed? We can edit any page. Hired a new team-member? We can add people to your About Us page. 

If your task is a bit more complicated, we’ll let you know and discuss your options. Simply purchase your first “task”, and we’ll recommend the correct number of additional tasks to purchase. 

WordPress TASK

$ 149 per task
  • Text & Link Edits
  • Image Adjustments
  • Custom Requests

Types of WordPress Tasks

Here’s a list of the most common WordPress tasks that we take care of. If you have any of the issues described below, simply purchase a single Task and we will take care of it. If you have a consistent need for tasks then check out our WordPress maintenance service, hosting + unlimited support.

Editing or Adding New Text

Things change. Your website copy will not stay the same forever. We can update text on your website on pages, in the footer, etc. 

Changing the Navigation Menu

You probably want to change up your website navigation from time to time. Or you created a new page and want to feature it in the main menu. Our team can quickly update or change around your menu items for you. 

Adding or Fixing Images

Want to change out an image? Add a new image to a gallery or page? Found a broken image on one of your pages. These are all image tasks our team can quickly take care of.

Fixing Broken Links

It’s inevitable. Links you added to content pointing to other websites will break at some point. It can also happen in your own website if you remove a page and didn’t realize it was linked from other pages. We’ll fix your broken links.

Embedding Maps or YouTube Videos

Have an embed script you need added to your website? We can add your YouTube video to any page or blog post on your WordPress site. Or we can add your Google Map to your Contact Us page. 

Adding & Removing Tracking Scripts

Many times services you sign up for will ask you to add a snippet of code to your website. This is most often a snippet of Javascript code and needs to be added to your website in a specific spot. Just send it our way!

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