Managed Hosting + Maintenace

~ white glove monthly website maintenance packages + hosting ~


$ 99 Monthly
  • Optimized Hosting
  • Security & Backup
  • Unlimited support & care


$ 199 Monthly
  • Private Hosting
  • Site-specific SEO
  • Analytics & Reports


$ 299 Monthly
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Payment Gateway Support
  • eCommerce Analytics

Get Unlimited WordPress Maintenance, Support, and Hosting

WordPress can be a headache. It’s great for certain things like managing website content and easily adding users and permissions, or quickly building a custom online store, but when it comes to taking care of your WordPress site – things get a little dicey. That’s where we come in.

For a flat monthly fee our team will provide you with three key services that will make your life easier. First, we host your website on private optimized technology. Second, we do all the behind-the-scenes maintenance tasks to keep your website performing it’s best, and finally we provide unlimited monthly support tasks in case you need something changed, added, or updated.

Here’s the deal. If you want to focus on growing your business and not the dozens of monthly tasks that come with running a WordPress website, let alone the things to think about if you want your website to stay competitive, managed WordPress hosting could be for you. Why not give our service a try? We’re happy to offer you one minor support task to see how we work, plus for a limited time we will transfer your website for free to your new private managed SSD server.

1. Optimized WordPress Hosting

Enough with shared hosting. Get a 100% private server that is optimized for YOUR website. We provision a brand new SSD server for your website, install the most up to date technology including PHP 7.3, and install an SSL certificate to make everything secure. It’s like going from that motel downtown to that 5-star hotel uptown.

  •  Fully Managed Private, SSD Server (with Business plan or higher)
  •  SSL Certificate Included & Installed
  •  Daily Amazon S3 Backup
  •  Optimized DNS & Traffic Monitoring
  •  Cloud-based & Local Firewall
  • Malware & Security Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring & Improvements

2. Monthly WordPress Maintenance

WordPress is a pain when it comes down to it. It does some things great – manage content, user permissions, and others. But month to month there is a lot to keep up with. Plugin updates, database clutter, spam comments, WordPress updates, and more. We keep your website performing 100%. You will never think about a plugin update again. Or whether or not your website is backed up. We monitor and take care of everything with our white glove service. Get a report of everything done every month.

  •  WP & Plugin Updates Monthly
  •  Instant Backup Restore
  •  Database Cleaning & Optimization
  •  Performance Monitoring
  •  Malware & Security Monitoring
  •  Broken Link Monitoring

3. Unlimited WordPress Support Tasks

Websites are not static. They are living, breathing things that constantly change with your business. If you need text, links, or images updated throughout the month our team will take care of it at no extra charge to you. Unlimited support tasks are included in your WP CARE plan. Simple submit a support ticket or email and it will be done, typically within 24 hours.

  •  Adding, editing, deleting or adjusting text.
  •  Updating business contact info like phone numbers.
  •  Switching, adding, or deleting images.
  •  Adding, fixing, deleting links.

Plus, discounts on custom development

Want something new built? Need something big like a new page added to your website? Thinking about a custom plugin for your business? Our team can help you build just about anything. If you are a WP CARE client you receive 50% off custom development for your website.

  •  PHP & JavaScript Development
  •  MySQL Database Architecture
  •  Custom WordPress plugins
  •  3rd Party API Integrations

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