WordPress Speed Optimization Service

~ Don’t Be Last, Be Fast ~

What is the deal with WordPress being so slow? You were told it was the world’s most popular content management system, how do people put up with load times like this?

Well, WordPress IS the most popular CMS around and has a ton of benefits but out of the box, speed is not one of those. We fix that. 

There are many things you can do to improve the speed of your website. We are bona fide WordPress speed experts. That means we are positive we can improve your website speed. So positive, in fact, that if we can’t improve the speed we will give you 100% of your money back. 

Put our WordPress experience to work. Get premium website optimization tools like WP Rocket to maximize your website speed. Not only will your Google rankings increase (the big G loves a fast website), but your future customers will love it too. 



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Conversion Rates Based on Webpage Load Time
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Page & Post Load Times Affect Conversion Rates

As seen in the graph, and proven by many independently done studies, the conversion rate of your webpage is greatly effected by how fast the page loads. In this age of fast, mobile Internet, your great offer needs to appear quickly or else that person is tapping back and trying another page without giving you a chance. 

Max Out Your Speed Score

Full Code Review

First things first we review your entire code base. This includes your HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We review the plugins your site is using and even do a deep dive into the hardware and software that runs your website.

Images & Videos

Nine times out of ten the assets that are slowing down your page load times the most are your images and videos. We analyze your entire media library to make sure everything is optimized. 

Cache Settings

There are several different “types” of caching systems that we can use to speed up your website for your users. From their browser to your server, various assets can be saved and not dynamically generated every single time they are needed.

Gzip & Compression

Bundle and compress key website assets that your server or user’s browser can unpack and utilize. This is a simple step that a lot of shared servers can’t do, or people overlook on their own dedicated server.

WordPress Bloat

WordPress comes with a lot of features and code that you probably will never use. We remove and disable WordPress functions that are not vital to your business. Why load them and never use them? Get rid of it!

CDN Integration

A CDN will serve your website’s assets from a server that is close to your customer. So if your website server origin is in Atlanta but your customer is in Charlotte then your images and HTML pages can also reside in Charlotte making their journey to your customer’s browser much faster.

Server Review

The server that is responsible for showing your website to the world is often the most overlooked aspect of running a website. Sure the dollar-a-month hosting looks perfect for your business but the side effects that come with taking that pill are not worth dealing with. We’ll walk you through the details.

Image Speed Optimization

Images lose no quality but load up to 5x faster.

  • File Type Conversion
    PNGs are heavy. We convert your images to browser friendly webP files.
  • File Compression
    Images tend to be large files. We compress so they load fast.
  • Image Size
    Browsers shouldn't have to work hard to resize your big images.

WP ROCKET Plugin Setup

Premium plugin included free with service.

  • Best in the business
    There are a lot of speed plugins out there. This is the best.
  • Full setup
    We don't just install, we set it up perfectly for your website.
  • Integrated with our image optimization
    We optimize your images and then load webP versions dynamically through WP Rocket

How We Speed Up WordPress

It’s not magic. We’re not magicians. 

We’re not “gurus”. 

We have no “secret sauce”.

We don’t like these terms. You would not call a great lawyer a “guru” with “secret sauce”. No, they are an expert in their field. We are experts in ours.

Still not convinced? Our team will perform a manual analysis of your website for free. Get yours below ⬇️.

  • Queuing Scripts & CSS
    WordPress can smartly load your most important files, but most developers overlook this step.
  • Optimizing Images
    Compressing image files and converting to webp
  • Optimizing Videos
    Optimizing video files and discussing options for CDN hosting
  • Reducing Browser Requests
    Combining, removing, and reducing browser requests
  • Perfect Cache Setup
    Setting up browser, server, and preload cache
  • Preload Assets
    Installing smart preload intelligence to start loading pages on mouse hover.
  • Plugin Review
    Your plugins could be heavy in code or queries
  • Theme Review
    That theme you got free...well, you got what you paid for
  • Server Review
    Your $3/month hosting will not cut the proverbial mustard
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