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Twitter Marketing: Our Top Tips For 2018

By April 13, 2014 No Comments
Twitter Marketing and SEO with Possible Web

Twitter is a really great way to socialize and keep in touch, but it can be more than that. You can use Twitter as a tool for various things, from local SEO to advertising. It provides a personal link with your customers and clients that may be lacking in the usual online business relationship. Here are some tips for marketing on Twitter effectively.

1. Keep it short

Regardless of what you are tweeting, you’ll want to keep the message short and to the point. Twitter is not like email; it’s more like text messaging to a group. The term “micro-blogging” came about from services like Twitter – meaning share info like you would in a blog post but condense it and get to the point.

2. Make a decision

Regardless of how you plan to use Twitter, go ahead and make that decision before setting up an account. If you want to use it for business purposes, determine who your potential customers would be. If you plan to use Twitter for personal reasons, make that decision ahead of time, too. It can get confusing and problematic if you try to toggle back and forth between business and personal messages on your Twitter account.

3. Avatar

Choose an avatar that reflects your purpose in using Twitter. A fun picture of your dog in a Santa hat may be great for your personal account, but not for your business (unless you sell dog Santa hats!). You may even want to find a professional to take a picture of you specifically for your Twitter avatar.

4. Username

The same things apply to a username as to the avatar – make sure it fits your Twitter intentions. Also, make sure it coincides with your avatar so that the two become synonymous. A short user name is respectful to your followers too. They only have 140 characters too so if they want to give you a shoutout (@yourname) don’t take up a lot of their real estate

5. Advertise

Twitter offers advertising programs that you can use to boost your business. You can sign up with one of these on the Twitter site. They work by connecting Twitter users with advertisers.

6. Share links

The brief nature of Twitter makes it a great vehicle for sharing links to websites, videos, and so forth. This can be a quick and effective way to share the newest and latest products or information with your customers. Sharing links for others can also be a way to generate income. You can share your own links, too.

7. Get a mobile device

Giving your Twitter followers up-to-the minute tweets is what makes Twitter unique. You’ll want to embrace this aspect of the medium, and invest in some kind of mobile device that you can have handy at all times to read and send tweets.

We suggest the following tools for managing Twitter effectively:




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Marketing Strategies Using Twitter

It may seem that something as serious to your business as marketing strategies shouldn’t be relegated to a “fad” like Twitter. But Twitter is much more than a fad, and it’s not just for teenagers. Here are some marketing strategies for use with Twitter. We are Twitter marketing experts and can help you develop a plan .

1. The Twitter network

Twitter connects people in ways that the internet does not. Twitter is instantaneous, and people generally tweet from mobile devices. It’s like chatting with your friends as you walk down the street. This allows you to connect with people right away, and others can connect with you. The number of people you can reach is therefore greatly increased.

2. Not just numbers

When using Twitter to market your business, targeting a certain demographic is just as important as getting lots of followers. After all, if you have thousands of followers but only 100 potential customers, it’s worthwhile to focus. Twitter can allow you to do that. You can research your market through Twitter. Search potential customers’ profiles, find out what people in your demographic are tweeting about. Then you can garner followers within your market.

3. Your profile

A good profile is essential to effective marketing through Twitter. Your picture, or avatar, should reflect your personality, be clear, and be distinctive. A picture of you is ideal, but a logo can work as well as long as it’s distinctive and clear in such a small size.

4. Find people you need…

…and people who need you. Twitter can put you in touch with people to whom you could outsource some work – you can tweet your need for assistance and receive answers, and you can tweet your need for a job. You can market your business this way – offer your skills and request the skills of others.

5. Up-to-date information

Twitter allows you to keep your customers and clients up-to-date in real time. Your latest information, offers, and so forth can be tweeted and shared among your followers instantly. Try to keep your followers abreast of every new development or pertinent news story.

6. Some things to avoid

As you begin your Twitter marketing strategy, here are some things to avoid:

* Excessive tweeting will turn people away. Don’t bombard your clients or potential clients with constant tweets. Keep them simple, regular, and clear.

* Don’t forget to follow others. Follow your followers, unless they seem suspicious or are tweeting spam.

* Don’t type in all capital letters. It looks like you’re shouting! Even if it’s a really exciting deal or fantastic information, try not to use all caps.