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The Digital Marketing Landscape in 2015

By October 21, 2014 No Comments

The digital marketing landscape of 2014 is shifting dramatically to highly targeted, real time marketing – moving at the same speed as the growth of the Internet itself. With more people online than ever, the opportunities exist (billions per day) to effectively and efficiently reach these people at the right time, and with the right message.

Now, with a demand side platform, like Possible Web, advertisers can now add, “for the right price” to that list of demands.

Real time bidding, and retargeting tactics, have been around for quite some time now. 2003 saw the first idea of an online ad exchange come out of Silicon Valley, but not until 2007 or so did it truly catch on.

Since then, many different ad exchanges have developed, including some huge companies most Americans have not heard of. These companies include Open X, Rubicon, Pubmatic and more. These companies also include the mega-companies like Google Doubleclick, Facebook Ad Exchange and Microsoft, too.

Retargeting and RTB Advertising Technology

So what is an ad exchange?

First, more importantly, why does an ad exchange exist?  Simple.  Effectiveness and efficiency of web advertising (or banner advertising) was dropping at a considerable rate. With more and more people getting online and the world’s top websites and blogs getting bigger and bigger – it became harder and harder to effectively and efficiently offer advertising and make money from it as well.

Think of a website like eBay.  Millions upon millions of people visit and use this site daily – we all know this. However the site makes most of it’s money off of advertising.  While selling the homepage or first inner pages may be easy, what about each page that get’s dynamically created when a product is added? How do you sell that space to an advertiser and promise even 1 of his potential customers will find it. Impossible.

So the RTB Ecosystem was created.  Publishers had a place to offer up their space, and buyers had a platform from which they could purchase ad space from multiple vendors.  The buying process, often happening in real time, solves two major problems when combined with 3rd party targeting data.

1) Publishers are now able to sell more space by guaranteeing, through their ad network, that the advertisers image will only show to a specific audience.  Before, placing an ad on an inner page of a large site was a gamble.

2) Advertisers are able to now control the costs of their marketing efforts by paying only what they believe their online customer or prospect is worth to their business. Different audience segments should be bid on separately, and for different reasons. Placing an ad on a static site or in a magazine, creates a single price per view scenario, whereas RTB offers a live auction in order to pay only a certain maximum, and depending on your competition hopefully a lot less.

Add retargeting to your SEO campaign today and see huge ROI.