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The Difference Between Organic and Local SEO

By August 4, 2014 No Comments

How is a Charlotte SEO campaign different than a global SEO campaign?

Local SEO

Local Marketing is focused on optimizing a business’s online presence to be highly visible on local search and review websites. Starting with the big 3, Google+ – Yahoo!Local and Bing Local. We build high quality citations on review websites like Yelp, YP, CityLocal and more. Local marketing is focused on developing a favorable reputation for a business online with help building reviews and posting fresh, original content on these authority websites.  A large distinction between the two is, local SEO marketing is optimizing to be a highly reputable business in a specific local category, as defined by the search engine used where as organic SEO is geared towards either local keywords not included in a category search (meaning they don’t bring up a 7 pack of local listings) or non geo-specific keywords. We can help with Charlotte SEO or SEO in your market.

See Local Categories for Google +

Organic SEO

While closely related, Organic SEO is focused on building structured and “optimized” web pages to get ranked for multiple search keywords and phrases. Not every phrase brings up local results on search engines, these “organic search terms” are chosen based on monthly search volume and allow a business to gain extreme visibility in their niche business. Useful for a business featuring multiple products and services. Modern Organic SEO is highly based on two factors :

1) building a website with strong, clean, fast coding and a strong mix of original content (including copy, video, images, PDFs, slideshows, etc) meant to promote long visits and sharing

2) building a strong, diversified link portfolio and a publishing fresh, original content on the web’s top sites including social, news, industry blogs and more.


Local SEO offers local businesses in commonly searched categories to capture the search traffic of consumers looking to read reviews, etc. Example, local pizza restaurant. The focus is on maps optimization and local business listings.

Organic SEO offers local, regional and national businesses the opportunity to capture as much search traffic as they want and for hundreds or thousands of search phrases, for websites with multiple service or product pages. Example, a regional HVAC company offering furnace, AC, installation, air vent cleaning, etc.

Global E-commerce or competitive SEO is Organic SEO to the max (and is our favorite kind!) just requiring more of every service in a highly strategized and organized fashion. Why not request a free consultation to figure out which style of SEO is right for your business? We have integrated SEO solutions for Inbound Marketing campaigns.