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Video SEO services | Rank Videos - optimize videos and drive new leads | possible webSearch engine optimization for videos is similar to a web page only typically your video is hosted on a mega-site like YouTube or Vimeo. This means we are focusing on optimizing just one page of a website, versus the entire domain.  Our goal will be to discover the most profitable video marketing strategy for your business, create simple educational videos for your products or services that encompass those money making keywords and then work our butts off to rank those videos for you. This can be done as a marketing project or combined with a full SEO program.   Typically if video SEO services will be useful to you we discover this during our free consult and discuss options with you.

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Some Tasks We Will Do For You:

  1. Discover the best keyword to target; not all keywords bring up videos in search results
  2. Research the best YouTube tags to have on your video page
  3. Write or add to your YouTube description to include optimal keyword placement
  4. Push your video past competition using link building, social media and our Special Sauce!

*Requires a verified Google+ account and YouTube channel. If you do not have one we will create these free of charge.

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Video and “rich media” is so important to today’s digital marketing strategy. You can use video to teach courses or short how to lessons, to show off your building, to introduce your employees or yourself and more. Video has become so popular and the stats on webpages with videos are shocking!  Website visitors are 80% more likely to watch a full video than read a full article. So explain your services with video.   We would love to discuss your businesses video SEO opportunities today.

What we can provide:

1) Fast, expert Video Creation & SEO Services:

From concept to ranking, we are experts at ranking videos on both YouTube and Google.

2) Track rankings, views, subscribers, likes and more

We provide reporting. Get more results from adding a tracking phone # to see exactly how many phone calls your video is driving.

3) Proven YouTube SEO Services

We study video ranking algorithms and research your competition. While we never guarantee any rankings (you should turn and run if we did) we do guarantee that our YouTube methods are highly effective.

4) Fast effective Services

In less than 30 days we will create you a video, add it to your website, upload it to YouTube and start the video ranking process. Most videos rank in 60-90 days.

5) Videos will rank on Google and YouTube*

Increase your click through rates and phone calls with video marketing. We are experts at Video SEO and can get your video ranked on page 1 of Google. It’s not that we have super powers, we just happen to love video and premium video SEO services. 

What does Video SEO Involve?

We can create and rank videos to drive more traffic and improve Click Through Rates.  This isn’t Pixar – this is raw, SEO competiveness.  Looking for Pixar? (click here.)

To get a video ranked on Google we optimize the content, the file, the way we upload, and more. We optimize the title for search and click throughs, we add the best tags possible using an algorithmic scan of YouTube.  Then we build back-links too. We are one of the only SEO companies who focus on building back-links for videos.

Why are back-links necessary? Isn’t my video on YouTube? I need to build links to YouTube?

An important thing to remember with any SEO project is that web pages rank on Google, not websites.  While YouTube is an authority site, your video is on its own separate page. To that end we need to optimize that page for search! It is your page, let’s build it out to get noticed and ranked.

No video? We create short videos and get them ranked on Google!

How would you like to have your video ranked on Google? We create short videos for you and then aggressively perform our unique style of video SEO to get them ranked high on Google SERPs.

Why Video Marketing?

Video marketing is huge in 2014. Did you know that a webpage with a video on it is 57x more likely to rank on Page 1 than a webpage without one.  We not only can create an engaging video for your business but we can run an advanced Video SEO Campaign that will get your video itself on Page 1.

A video on the SERPs has a much higher Click Through Rate than regular webpages. Why? One the thumbnail image itself promotes clicks and two people love videos! Adding your phone number (or a tracking phone number) lets people call right from the search results.

Videos and especially Youtube videos are a solid tool to market your company, it’s products and services. Youtube is owned by Google so it plays very well for keyword ranking, traffic generation for your site and the overall Google Page Ranking for your site. Find out more about our Video SEO company  – get a free consult! Or read about our full search engine optimization services or request a free consult from our Charlotte SEO company.

*not guaranteed