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Social media has been used for marketing purposes since its early days. Over the last three years, however, the role of social media marketing (SMM) in both search engine optimization and other aspects of digital marketing has increased by a considerable factor. Not only are social media posts now far more valuable than ever before for SEO, but user-generated content is starting to come into its own as the next wave of content strategy. Interactive content, such as that featured on social media, is now felt by some to be one of the most valuable forms of brand promotion and customer retention in existence.

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As ubiquitous as it is – those who don’t have “a Facebook page” often have four – Facebook is an extraordinarily effective medium for delighting existing clients, connecting with potential new clients, interacting with other businesses, marketing your product, and promoting your brand. All of this can be done within a context that allows for large posts, multimedia, and lots of additional information. Facebook pages can provide authoritative backlinks, and Facebook posts are shared, blogged, and copied elsewhere more than those of any other social media platform in existence today.


LinkedIn is a professionally-oriented social media platform which is designed to assist with finding work… or talent. As such, it is set up in a way that is optimized to deliver quality content and potentially valuable connections. LinkedIn presents its users with a vast assortment of individuals who are interested in forging professional connections – and there are plenty of marketers and other IT-related professionals present on LinkedIn. The website holds so much esteem, in fact, that it can be difficult to acquire a job in the technology industry without a valid LinkedIn profile.


As of this writing, more than sixty percent of all Twitter users are following one or more brands, sharing and retweeting their comments throughout the social media arena and the closely-associated blogosphere. Twitter, while not the largest of the social media networks, has implemented a number of changes over the last year. It aims to become a far more valuable asset to the digital marketing community, while its potential for spreading brand awareness is already virtually unparalleled. The right tweet made at the right time can reach hundreds of thousands of people, if not more – numbers which all but guarantee some level of favorable response.
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