SEO Technical Audits

Search engine optimization is a complicated discipline with a lot of different “moving parts.” To ensure optimization, they all need to be working together; connect the wrong two gears, and the entire apparatus grinds to a halt. Most of what’s involved in SEO isn’t extraordinarily difficult, however – it’s just very involved, not to mention a little time-consuming. A technical audit takes a good long look at your website, including all of the various factors which contribute to its organic search ranking. It examines keywords, Google analytical data, latency, and many other aspects of your site’s overall traffic level and performance. From there, it determines what is holding back your site’s organic performance.

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Organic Website Performance

One of the terms you’ll see tossed around a lot in digital marketing, particularly where SEO strategy is concerned, is the term “organic.” In a digital marketing context, the word is commonly used to refer to naturally-generated Web traffic… that is to say, users who find your website through searching for a keyword and clicking on your site’s link in the ensuing search results. This is as opposed to paid search results – like the advertisements you’ll see listed ahead of organic search results on a Google search.

Aspects of a Technical Audit

There are a number of steps which will be taken in the process of your site being audited. We’ll take the information provided, and use it to generate an overall data map of SEO efficiency. In other words, “we’ll start with the basics, and then go from there.”Here are a few of the things we’ll check for you:

Indexed Pages

We’ll check how many different pages on your website are individually indexed, and whether or not Google recognizes your homepage as your site’s primary page. While this isn’t necessarily a problem, it can indicate a structural issue within your website’s overall architecture.

Branded Pages

We’ll double-check that branded webpages show up correctly relative to searches for them specifically, as opposed to your website’s homepage being returned as the most relevant result. This, again, can indicate an architectural problem – which, if corrected, will improve your site’s search engine ranking overall.

Cached Pages

Checking Google’s cached copies of your website – how Google “remembers” different pages looking, at particular points in the past – can reveal relevant content and links that are missing. This means that Google has not recognized them properly, and that they need to be re-tagged (or otherwise made more relevant to your money keywords).

Mobile Friendly

If your website is not functionally friendly to internet users browsing from mobile platforms, it is costing you heavily in your organic ranking. Early in 2015, Google slowly began the process of phasing out websites from its search engine indexes if they failed to meet certain basic standards of mobile optimization.

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If you still aren’t convinced that you want our full bevy of SEO services just yet, consider trying our technical audit. We’ll look at all of the areas mentioned above and then some, by way of presenting you with a detailed explanation of the various measures we can take to help ensure a higher organic search engine ranking for your website. Just call (704) 594-5796 today, or use (our handy online form) to request a free quote for our SEO auditing service. We think you’ll be surprised by just how much our Charlotte SEO experts can accomplish for your website!