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At Possible Web, we handle local search engine optimization , which is more commonly known as Local SEO (what is SEO?). However, our team provides much more than that.

SEO is a phrase that can be found all over the internet now. There are thousands of firms, all over the world, which specialize exclusively in search engine optimization. Many of them further narrow down the services that they provide by industry – “lawyer in [CITY]” for attorneys, for example, or “accountant in [TOWN]” for large accountants. At its heart, however, SEO works more or less the same way for every application – some just take a little more creativity than others do. It is entirely possible to offer a specialist’s level of care and concern, in terms of a thorough approach to SEO, regardless of a client’s industry or other area of focus.

It requires only effort… and a certain amount of professional expertise!

We offer you that, so that you can focus on what matters the most: running your business, while we take care of driving the traffic to your doorstep. We do so much more than what the traditional Charlotte Local SEO firm’s approach entails, and we combine that with other digital marketing strategies for an extremely thorough boost to your website’s efficiency.

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Local Business Citations

All backlinks are local citations… but! Not all local citations are backlinks. That being said, they’re almost as critical, and can in some instances be more valuable – the less information you’re trying to convey, the easier it is to try and find a spot to put it. Local citations can be squeezed into places where backlinks either won’t fit, won’t parse as links, or are simply not appropriate. Because they consist primarily of information relating to your company’s physical location, they are particularly effective for locally-based digital marketing. Local citations work very well to get your business at the head of the Google Map Pack for your industry, in your local area – a particularly important step, now that the pack only displays the top three results for a given area. Formerly, it displayed the top seven.

A local citation is a mention, somewhere on the internet, of your business’ official company name. Regardless of whether or not it includes your Web address, it is considered to be of a certain value. This is in regards to search engine crawlers and human audiences alike. Exactly how much value there is to it depends upon how much information is included, with the simple mention of your business’ name being the least valuable form of citation. Naturally, including your Website URL is desirable, but other information is also highly advantageous – particularly the full NAP (name, address, phone number) as it pertains to your business.

Anything less than the full NAP, with a website URL – so, in other words, a complete backlink – is sometimes called a partial citation – like some business review sites. Partial citations, again, have some value, but their worth degrades rapidly with less authoritative, less relevant locations. The more information they possess, despite being incomplete, the more value they offer. A user cannot click directly on a citation without a link, but a search engine can still index it. If one is appropriately positioned, it will serve to elevate the authority of your company’s online presence.

Local citations are particularly important for locally-based SEO, and for companies which do a significant amount of local business. One of the best locations for local citations, whether you’re looking to find one or to place one, is in a locally-based website directory: a compiled online index of websites, some of them with hundreds of thousands of individual entries, based around either a geographical location or a specific industry.

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One of the best products we have on offer for boosting your company’s SEO and brand recognition is the sale of local citations. We will place local citations for you, in highly reputable and relevant locations – using complete citations wherever possible. Your business will benefit, online and locally, from the additional references showing up in major search engine databases. You can find additional information here, from a highly authoritative digital marketing resource, about where local citations may best be found.

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