Facebook Advertising

There are now 1.7 billion users on Facebook. That means there are DEFINITELY Facebook users in your area that are probably interested in your products on services. Even better, using Facebook’s advanced built-in advertising platform you can target the exact type of Facebook user you want to!

This allows for extremely targeted, cost effective and profit driving Facebook advertising campaigns that work for almost every type of business.

The trick is – you can’t just turn ads on. You can’t just write a quick ad and walk away.

You need to build a funnel. Start free by discussing your lead generation needs during a free consultation. Enter your website below to get started:

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Luckily we are Facebook funnel experts.

Our Facebook Advertising Process

Here’s what we do:

  1. Create a strategy – use some good, old-fashioned brain power and research to figure out what the perfect offer is for your target audience. Our team then puts together an irresistible offer that will blow your potential customers away.
  2. Build the funnel – using years of experience and our passion for high converting campaigns we build extremely valuable assets that are the pieces to your funnel. This is your Facebook ads, your landing pages, your thank you pages, you’re follow up emails and more.
  3. Optimize for conversions – now that your campaign is running, we need to test and optimize. Unless you are the world’s foremost genius in advertising then you will NOT get it right on try #1. Using our experience we are generally pretty close, but we can always do better.

Facebook Advertising

How we Optimize Facebook Advertising Campaigns

  1. Optimize ads for engagements – the more action we get on Facebook on your ads the more they will be shown and acted on. Likes, shares, clicks, comments, etc.
  2. Optimize landing pages for conversions – every landing page can convert better. In fact, until you have 100% conversion rate (which is impossible) there are always improvements to be made. We make those improvements.
  3. Optimize your follow ups for revenue – now that we have targeted potential customers in your funnel, it’s time to make some money from them. We help set up a revenue generating, bottom-of-the-funnel campaign that makes the whole process worth it.

How Much do Facebook Ad Campaigns Cost?

Facebook Audience Targeting Information


We Run Profitable Facebook Ad Campaigns

If you are thinking about advertising on Facebook, or maybe you never have and are just reading this for the first time – give us a shout and set up a free consultation. We go over some of our tactics and at the very least you will walk away with more information than you came with. At Possible Web, we have some of the premium Charlotte Facebook advertising experts on staff and we would like nothing more than to help you set up a profitable campaign.