Email Marketing Services Charlotte, NC

Nurturing your leads is both the most important and hardest part of any inbound marketing campaign.  Getting new people into your funnel takes time, money and skill but convincing those people that your service or product is the best decision for them is the hard part. Contact us today about email marketing services in Charlotte, NC.

We Make Email Marketing Easy

Most email marketing campaigns are  flop due to no testing and inexperience. We can solve that problem for you by designing email templates for your business, putting an email collection system into place and maximizing your conversions.

Get the best in email marketing technology and consulting today, with our email marketing & automation services. Ask for a demo today.

Getting the right information to the right person is now more important that ever. The once a month “blast” just is not effective any more. Your customers are smarter than that. They want to see original, creative, informative content that seems personalized just for them. We can help.

We can help set up the following:

  • Email Marketing templates
  • Landing pages
  • Install data capture forms
  • Set up lists and segmentation
  • Create automation workflows
  • Provide backend software
  • CRM integrations
  • More!

More About Landing Page Design & Automation

How much do you think your leads would appreciate getting relevant information? Most people don’t open emails for the following reasons:

  1. Poor Subject Lines
  2. Spam Looking “no-reply” email address
  3. Spam Filters

We can help with all of those problems by helping you create Email Automation workflows using unique Lead Nurturing software that get your leads the right information and keep you top of mind.

Lead Nurturing involves the following steps:

  • Unique content created that your customers want
  • High converting landing pages right on your website
  • Lead management systems and notifications
  • Social media integrations for Intelligence
  • Follow up emails personalized for each workflow
  • Attachment download tracking

Take your automation campaign to the next level with Video Marketing!

Get a free consultation for Email Marketing services in Charlotte today. Find out how a managed Social Media Marketing campaign can complement your email marketing.