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Welcome to the meat of customer conversion, retention, and delight. This is where the magic happens; content marketing refers directly to the creation and hosting of the specific material to which visitors to your site will be exposed, and by which you hope to convince them to become – and to remain – loyal, repeating customers. Virtually every other aspect of digital marketing deals with getting people to visit your site, whether for the first time or returning. Much of it results in traffic that is already well-disposed towards what you have to offer, but content marketing itself is what will convince people to stay put – that you have what they need, and are a better authority on the matter than your competitors. Its focus is on the development of content that is consistent, relevant, informative, and engaging – in short, valuable to the customer.


Blogging is one of the easiest, most convenient, and most affordable forms of content marketing available to you. Informative blogs can include tutorials on how to use your products or services, or advice that is directly related to the subject of your website. Modern blogs can include elements such as images, videos, and links, all of which increase the value of your posts. Each individual blog post counts as a webpage, but when it comes to Google’s indexing, blog posts are allowed to “break” the rule limiting the number of pages which Google will index from a given website. Blogs work well for both search engine crawlers and human audiences, in terms of providing valuable content.


Infographics are images, but they display information meant for your visitors to pay attention to – generally within the context of brightly colored and attractive imagery. The imagery is usually relatively simple, so as not to distract from the meaning of the message itself. Infographics serve two purposes: they help to bring important information across to internet users who aren’t always in the habit of reading long, drawn-out messages. They also serve the same SEO friendly functions as any other images do, such as the provision of an “alt tag” property allowing for additional keyword optimization.


Videos are a very popular form of content. People still click on, and pay attention to, videos online. They’re an effective means of conveying advertisements, as well as being a convenient advertisement form in and of themselves. Despite protests to the contrary from many corners, videos which consist of advertisement in their entirety still draw an enormous amount of positive response – at least in terms of their impact on a company’s bottom line.

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Content marketing is a vital part of any overall digital marketing strategy especially search engine optimization. It has the most direct focus on providing the customer with a specific reason to remain on your website, and to buy from you specifically. It’s your best and brightest hope of convincing people of your authority and knowledge within your professional niche. Call (704) 594-5796 today to discuss the creation of an innovative content marketing strategy, or (fill out this form) to request a free content marketing evaluation for your website.

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