Digital Marketing Consulting Charlotte, NC

We have the resources and marketers on staff to provide you with expert advice and consultation.  If its your first time speaking with us, grab a free consult and learn about our company, and let one of our trained digital marketing consulting Charlotte specialists point you in the right direction.

If a full marketing consultation is what you require you can schedule a full marketing consultation with our founder and expert digital marketer, Patrick Scully. Read more below about what marketing consulting services are included.

Advance notice: At Least 30 days

Time Required: 3 hours, Consultation will be about 2 and half hours, leaving a few minutes for breaks, questions, introductions, etc.

What is involved?

  • Complete company website analysis
  • Expert SEO recommendations
  • Content marketing analysis and plan
  • 12 month Strategy laid out
  • Marketing budget discussion
  • Question and Answer

Of course every business we consult with is different in many ways, so your marketing consultation will include information on services that are particular to your business.  New technologies allow us to host meetings with teams around the world, if you are near us your marketing consultation will be in Charlotte, NC.

See our list of inbound marketing & design services. 


What is Digital Marketing Strategy?

The Definition of Traffic

In any type of internet marketing there are a few recurring themes, one of which is
traffic. Traffic is, of course, the amount of people that you can draw to your
website through various means, though there is a significant difference between
traffic and convertible traffic. In other words, just because people see your
product or service does not mean that you are actually going to make the sale you

Definitions of Traffic

Traffic: Traffic can be attracted to in any number of different ways, and not all of it needs to be precisely directed. For example, you could hand out business cards
or you could place a physical advertisement somewhere. Oftentimes, this will be
enough to draw traffic toy our website, though it may not all convert.

Converted Traffic: Though regular traffic is nice, and it does help to solidify
your position in the search engine rankings, converted traffic represents actual
sales. These sales can be generated through your website or through a third party.
Either way, they are solid sales, whether you are offering a product or service.

The obvious desired outcome of course will be converted traffic, though the road
between here and there can be unbearably long. The biggest problem when it
comes to marketing is finding an audience that actually wants your product rather
than a wide audience that may have marginal interest. If your product better suits
a niche market, it might be difficult to advertise to the demographic you are
searching for, though there are other ways to go about it. A link exchange, for
example, is a great way to advertise your products while helping another
company get on their feet as well.

The problem that you are going to run into each and every time of course is the
size of the market. The market is huge, and due to the internet, it has managed to
go worldwide. Stores that were once contained to their local area now have the
opportunity to expand beyond their original borders and even take their operation

At this point, it might become necessary to adopt their tactics by expanding your
business as much as possible. Before you actually launched your business, you
probably had a demographic in mind, but you should not restrict yourself to that,
not by any means. As you move forward with your business plan and begin to
introduce your product or service, you may run across entirely new demographics
that require your product. They could need to use it in exactly the way you
intended or they might have an entirely different use for it. These, however, are
things that you will need to determine at a later time.

What you need to focus on at the moment, is the funnel concept, and how a
full­ funnel marketing plan can help to get your business off the ground.