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On Page Optimization Tips After Panda 4.0

By May 25, 2014 No Comments

Search Engines are getting smarter and smarter.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been divided into – 1) On Page Optimization and 2) Off Page Optimization. That is to say Optimization and Authority.

On page optimization refers to the changes, additions and removals of code and content to your target web pages. It is important to remember that search engines rank web pages not websites so it is important to optimize every page you want to rank.  While there are over 300 metrics involved in ranking algorithms and very few people know exactly what the exact formula is, there are many things we know about on page optimization that will help your web pages rank higher. These include:

  • Correct tags in your headings
  • Correct keyword placement
  • Various forms of media on the page
  • Content that makes users stick around
  • Links to other important pages on your website (internal links)
  • Links to other important 3rd party websites (external links)
  • Clear, easy to understand page structure

What is Panda?

Panda Update was introduced on the 24th of February 2011.  It is just like a filter which targets websites with low quality content, structure and optimization.  The goal of the Panda algorithm is to remove spammy, weak pages from search results and replace them with high quality website their “customers” (searchers) want to find.

Now, after 26 iterations, the Panda Algorithm is very effective at its job. This panda updates not only affect the ranking of a page on the site but it affects the full site. In this way whole low content and quality site can be removed.  Google’s main goal is is to provide searchers with the most relevant, high quality content possible. The web pages people want to find are the ones that will come up first – otherwise no one would use Google, but with 90% of search traffic originating from Google you have to believe they are doing something right.

Hot Tip! Make your web page one that people will be happy to find, and Google will make sure people can find it.

What to do to improve your web pages score?

  • Keep your URLs uncluttered with numbers, symbols and meaningless letter jumbles
  • Add a relevant well written Title Tag
  • Keywords in headings, first paragraph, and ALT tag
  • Don’t overuse keywords – this is not 1999
  • Use high quality large images
  • Use videos, but embed with a custom player not YouTube or Vimeo
  • Write original content that is easy to read, to the point with short sentences
  • Link out to at least 2 very high quality websites that are relevant to your page (i.e. wikipedia.org)

By working with a professional agency you can get your target pages optimized correctly along with new pages created to target more keywords and get more traffic. The first thing to do is keyword research to find out what keyword you want to target and if you have the necessary pages created on your website to target those keywords.

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