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Know Your Online Audience when Marketing Digitally

By April 20, 2014 No Comments

Targeted Marketing Drives Results: Know Your Audience

Understanding the type of people who visit one’s site is a very important task because a smart marketer can use that information to enhance one’s site to suit them. As a result, one will gain more loyal returning visitors that come back again and again for more.

What is the age level and what kind of knowledge does one’s online audience have? A home gardener might linger around a general site on gardening, but a professional botanist might turn his nose at the very same site.

Are they on Facebook or Twitter? Are you selling products? If so are you posting to Pinterest and Instagram? Knowing whether your audience is a “socially inclined” one is important.

People are emotional

Take your online audience’s emotional state into consideration when building one’s site. If a very irritated visitor searches for a solution and comes across your site, you will want to make sure to offer the solution right up front and sell or promote your product to him second. In this way, the visitor will put his trust in you for offering the solution to his problems and is more likely to buy your product when it is offered to him after that.

Layout is important

When considering  the layout for your landing page, you have to take into account the characteristics of your online audience. Are they old or young people? Are they looking for trends or are they just looking for information served without any icing on the cake?

For example, introducing a new, exciting game with a simple, straightforward black text against white background page will definitely turn prospects away. Design is important – not just “Does it look cool?” but “Is the design effective?”  Providing medical or business information? A straightforward, business-like  or industrial look may be in order.

Heads up! Do you know what “the fold” is? This is the top part of your landing page that shows when the web visitor does not scroll down at all. This is the most viewed portion of any web page and must contain all of your best elements. Put quick important info and a great Call to Action to maximize your website’s potential.

Watch your language

Try to sprinkle colloquial language in one’s sites sparingly where one see fit and one will create a sense that one’s online audience is on common ground with one. This in turn builds a trusting relationship between one and one’s online audience, which will come in useful should one want to market a product to one’s online audience.

Mixing Design and Intent

Let’s review everything you have learned about your audience. Who are they? What age are they? What answers are they looking for? You can now actively adjust your marketing techniques and landing page design to help promote better.

Maybe you have discovered that in your industry 80% of buyers like to download a free report before buying. Before your Call to Action was “Get a Free Consultation” – now your Call To Action is “Download Our Free White Paper” and you increase conversions by 20%.

Next learn how to effectively use email marketing and marketing automation tools to “nurture leads” through your funnel and convert them to buyers. At Possible Web we are experts at designing high converting sales funnels.  Get a free marketing consultation today.