Matthews Advertising and Retargeting Services

Advertising and retargeting are two mutually complementary techniques for use in digital marketing. They pair extremely well with a strong search engine optimization strategy. They work to provide strong short-term boosts to the Web traffic that reaches your online presence. They also work to improve your conversion rate, and to boost your retention: retargeting, in particular, is focused upon convincing former customers to return to your website over and over again. If handled carefully, these strategies can earn you a great many new customers in short order, while simultaneously providing a significant retention boost. They create an elevated traffic “platform” as well, off of which a dedicated search engine optimization campaign can launch itself to greater heights than what it would be able to achieve on its own.

What is Paid Search Advertising?

Paid search advertising in Matthews, NC, or PSA, is one of several components inherent to search engine marketing (SEM). Distinct from SEO, but having similar effects, PSA achieves dramatic but short term boosts to your Web traffic. This is accomplished by paying for ad placement at the head of relevant search results. Any time you make a Google search, you can see the advertisements which appear before your search results; these are paid ads, purchased as part of a SEM strategy. Once purchased, paid advertisements can take effect immediately; they are the most fast-acting of all digital marketing tools in existence. Their effects can often be seen in minutes; they are far and away the most expensive forms of digital marketing – on average – but their effectiveness is hard to downplay. There is nothing else which fills the occasional niche for which they are genuinely needed.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is sometimes known as cost-per-click advertising. Honestly, we know that’s not all that interesting, but what is interesting is the level of effectiveness that PPC enjoys. With pay-per-click ads, you bid for keywords on ads that are displayed across the internet, throughout their providers’ networks (naturally, Google and Amazon are big PPC marketers). Assuming you win the bid on a desired keyword, your ad is shown; you pay your bid every time somebody clicks on it. You’re literally buying traffic, but it works, and it works well. Out of everything that might be called inclusive within the overall strategy of search engine marketing, PPC is by far the most fast-acting. It takes effect more quickly than other forms of paid advertisement; its impact on your Web traffic can generally be seen, using Web analysis tools, within a few minutes of your launching a new PPC campaign. The major issue with PPC advertisement is that it must be carefully controlled and closely monitored; otherwise, its cost can spiral out of control in a big way – and quickly.

Consider Possible Web for Your Matthews Online Advertising Needs

There are no two ways about it. You can’t have something like a PPC advertisement running all the time; the expense would quickly become prohibitive. However, as an occasional boost, most authorities would agree that pay-per-click – and other forms of paid search engine marketing – are all but essential. They provide much-needed traffic boosts which, while temporary, can lead to a substantial body of new customers. They also further boost the effectiveness of SEO, and of other slower, passive means towards increasing your Web traffic.
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