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For expert US based search engine optimization in Maryland consider our team. With over 10 years experience helping businesses with their local search marketing we have the experience to get the job done right. What else? Passion. We are nerds (yup we said it.) We live and breathe SEO data to make the most educated decisions with not only your online properties but ours as well.

That’s right. Whatever we are doing for your business we are doing for ours. We want to rank too!

We have chatted with so many business owners that understand the importance of ranking well on search engines and the money making opportunity to top SERP placements – however where and how to get started? That is another story and that is where we come in.

We know how to get started. How to rise to the top and how to stay there. Contact us today to review the online presence of your business in Baltimore, Annapolis or anywhere in Maryland.

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What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Our comprehensive SEO services cover a broad range of aspects which will affect how well your website ranks in all of the major search engines. From there, you will benefit from a passive increase in Web traffic over time.

Quality of Content

Your content should be informative, accurate, and engaging. Whatever your target demographic, you want to give them a reason to stay at your site – in lieu of window-shopping their way on to one of your competitors. The more that you do this, the more authoritative your website is recognized as being – and the more highly it will rank with search engines. In addition to relying upon visitor behavior, many forms of content – such as properly tagged multimedia – contribute directly to a crawler’s recognitionof your site as a relevant authority.

Keyword Research

Part of the process of producing quality, relevant content is keyword research. Keyword research relies on using data from Google to figure out what search terms are being used by internet users who are looking for what you have to offer. As a somewhat simplified example: if you own a website concerning how to care for a cat, and you are optimized for searches involving the term “Scottish fold care,” that isn’t going to help you very much if the major search term in use is “American shorthair care.” At PossibleWeb, our thorough data analysis would uncover the latter term. This would allow us to not only optimize your website toward searches for the right keywords, but also to provide you with content specifically relevant to the American shorthair breed.


Your website needs to be easily “crawlable.” Search engines index your website using “crawlers,” automated programs that surf the internet, organizing and collating online content. If some crucial aspect of your website is hidden – such as a link, hidden within a java app – many crawlers will be unable to find it, and it won’t be taken into account when it comes time to assign your website a search enging ranking. In addition, things like duplicate content and incorrect contact information can easily confuse crawlers. These are issues which PossibleWeb staff excel at confronting. Among the techniques involved in structural optimization are the use of headers within your website’s text, to help specify context. This kind of work helps make your site easier to navigate, both for search engine crawlers and for human visitors.

Backlink Building

Backlinks are one of the most critical aspects of present-day search engine optimization. A backlink is, quite literally, a link that leads back to your website from some other location on the Web, asserting your site as an authority relative to a particular niche or subject matter. A quality backlink will have your business’ contact information associated with its Web address. It will also originate from somewhere that is itself well-recognized for its authority within your particular industry. When a recognized, authoritative source online claims that your website is also authoritative, both crawlers and human visitors will take notice. The more reliable backlinks your website has, the better off it is – this is one thing that you truly can’t have too much of.

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Search engine optimization is a marvelous place to start, in terms of providing your website with a significant boost in efficiency. Better still, its effects – once the work has been implemented – tend to linger on indefinitely. They continue to provide extra passive traffic flow right to where you need it. Our Maryland SEO team is ready to help. For more information, or to set up a free website evaluation (click here) to be taken to our convenient online form. Request a free consultation, and find out what we can do for your business.