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Full Service Marketing Solution = Ultimate SEO

Every business owner out there is searching for SEO services, the best SEO company, the most innovation Search Engine Optimization experts. The problem is over half the “experts” you find will be resellers or white labelers and the other half will be way out of your price range and typically only work with enterprise clients ($100,o0o budgets and up). Most Free SEO claims are from somewhere in India and are for a SEO audit, not services. Our team likes to work with medium and small size businesses because we like to interact directly with the business owner. Small and medium size business owners are more involved with the day to day marketing of their business. We HATE and actually refuse to work with inside marketing teams because typically they are clueless even if they have large budgets.

A full service internet marketing solution should involve creating great content, getting great exposure, utilizing several streams of revenue available online and more.  Our service delivers just that.

Here is what is involved:

  1. On Site Blogging: Keeping your site’s blog active and alive with interesting information, images, graphics and more. These ranking assets drive traffic into your website and also convert visitors into subscribers of your blog or social media followers. Your blog is important and without one you are missing out on a ton of traffic.  Our blogging service writes interesting, up to date, relevant articles for your website complete with really cool images. We also install lead generating call to actions throughout your blog and even edit your website’s Blog template to get just the right look. Work with your dedicated blog manager to come up with topics, tweak and edit your message and branding so your blog really speaks to your company’s mission.
  2. Off Site Blogging: Our network of expert bloggers in almost every niche go out and write on their websites and other authoritative sites that have been around for ever and that rank really well on search engines.  These articles are relevant to your business and include a link to your businesses website as one of the reference links. I.e. this blogger uses a blog post or article on your website as a reference to make their blog post even stronger and more valuable for their audience.  If other people are recommending your website as a solid, trusted reference – wouldn’t Google do the same?
  3. Social Media Writing: Having active social media accounts is very important in today’s mix of online marketing tools and campaigns. Our team keeps your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles active and engaging. We write every single day across each platform at a rate appropriate for that platform. I.e. for LinkedIn we may do 1 post per day, but for Twitter we could do 4-5. We give you a full social media tool suite that allows your whole team to also post straight to your social media pages and also research content and our newest update a full image editing system that allows you to quickly create really cool image based social media posts. Also, through our platform you can review our upcoming posts 7 days in advance before it is posted giving you full transparency.
  4. Video Marketing: Something that is very fun for us is video marketing. The whole internet is turning into videos and it’s steadily moving further down that road. Platforms like Facebook and Google are predicting most Americans will be watching videos online for the majority of their online usage time. Why is it fun for us? For one thing we are REALLY GOOD AT IT. Actually we can prove that to you in that span of about an hour.  Schedule a free consultation below and we will create, upload and rank a video for your business in the span of our conversation.  Our team will develop a strategy that works for your business and create and promote various videos to drive traffic to your site.
  5. Reputation Marketing: This is piece that sets us apart from other firms. Our team is very interested in maintaining a strong reputation for your business online and we do this in a few ways.  First, we offer a full scale very powerful reputation marketing platform that helps your business increase positive reviews by 300% or more online. Our system offers automated local review funnel systems that request reviews from your customers at appropriate times via email and text. Ask us about setting up a free demo of this system during which we will actually build out a local review funnel personalized for your business. This is a screen share meeting so please be in front of a computer to watch the magic happen. Next, we literally take over the first 3 pages of Google for your business name so we own every single property that people could see when they search for your business. Not only do your website, Facebook page, Twitter page, Youtube videos and other major profiles rank but our network of sites your competition will never be on give you a competitive edge.

OK – so how is that Free Search Engine Optimization?

Everything you just read IS search engine optimization.  By seeing that you are paying for individual but necessary services that combined increase your search rankings and dominate your competition – you can better understand the process.

But – we don’t want to trick you – it’s not our intention. So here are some of the many services that we do actually include for free inside your campaign:

  • On page SEO – the technical aspect of your website.
  • Local SEO – setting up your local properties and optimizing for map rankings
  • Account sign ups – any social media or local accounts your business does not have we claim (over 600!)

Here are some other services that are included that we would not consider free but are included none the less:

  • Dedicated campaign manager who you have direct access to Monday through Saturday
  • Detailed campaign reporting

First step is to set up a free 1-on-1 Consultation with a co-founder of our agency so we can get to know you and your business. If it seems like a fit we will generate a personalized marketing checklist for your business also free. If you decide to come on board we charge a simple monthly retainer fee that includes everything above and most likely a bit more.

Taking limited consultations as we are a small team.

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