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Focus on the True Goals of an SEO Campaign to Achieve ROI

By September 13, 2014 No Comments

Among small business owners we have recognized a pattern of mis-understanding the goals and potential huge return of an SEO campaign. Local companies often just rank a few keywords because once they rank – that is all the leads they can handle without expanding. Some companies however need more.

The Investment vs. The Return

SEO is a bit different.  We expect a lot out of our SEO clients because it is a big endeavor that pays off huge.  It is a partnership, that if successful creates a “marketing flywheel” effect and drives an unlimited amount of “free” traffic straight to your highest converting pages. When you get to the bottom, click the link called “Marketing Flywheel” to learn more about this concept from an industry expert.


SEO is a process and an investment. The goal is not to be “#1” in 30 days. The goal is to create a valuable, authoritative web property for your business. This is an incredibly valuable asset when attained because the process for rankings pages and posts becomes easier and easier.   Invest early and expect to invest for at least 12 months – focus on the goal of attaining that “website as an asset”  positioning rather than the un-findable digital brochure you know have up and running.


We say it early and we say it often – “Proactive SEO is much more affordable than Reactive SEO”   — from day 1 invest in a strong SEO program and look for the ROI and return to come forth in buckets potentially after just 6 months.


Our SEO services are tailored for the business owner looking to achieve this goal, and our initial presentation to a business owner includes if necessary further education on the true ROI and goals of an SEO campaign. Everybody wants to be #1 – and there are many companies that can maybe help you achieve this.  What we help you achieve is return and profits as long as we stick to the plan and do not despair when after 90 days the initial investment has not paid off.  


Understand you have dedicated a certain budget towards this campaign and stick with it! Those that stick with it with be rewarded while those who invest for a few months, panic and pull their funding to “try something else” will always lose.  Picture yourself as a stock investor. Your stock goes up and down, and when it goes way down the amateur investor panics and pulls their money – chalking it up to a loss.  But a true investor, and thus smart SEO investor,  knows they never lose a penny until they sell.

Don’t sell – stick with it through the ups and downs, that is the nature of the beast.


Whether your homepage ranks for the keyword of your choice is somewhat irrelevant except for branding, etc.  Your goal should be to write an amazing blog post or article, one that will answer the questions of your prospects and publish it. That’s it.  Because of your SEO investment your post hits page 1 with a fury and drives traffic almost from the moment you post.


Add social amplification to the mix (spend the week making sure your followers know about your new posting) and now you are on to something.


While we never advocate only running a search marketing campaign, we can certainly help you plug those pieces into the puzzle. We are experts in both organic search and paid search options and can help you successfully set up a winning campaign.   Of course a paid campaign is somewhat instant in it’s production of leads – and can run for as long as you wish.