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Facebook Management Services for Charlotte NC Business Owners Now Available

By April 26, 2014 No Comments

Fresh Content Streams on Top Social Networks Drives Results

Professional Facebook management services now available for Possible Web clients. This service is provided due to recent updates from Facebook on posting regulations for business pages.

Does social media marketing seem like an insurmountable task?

A managed Facebook service can take the hassle out of operating a Facebook page.  A business needs to focus on more than just “posting” daily or a few times a week to be effective on Facebook.  Some questions to ask yourself after running  Facebook page for sometime are:

  • What types of posts are performing best? Pictures, Quotes, Article Links?
  • What organic reach are your posts getting?
  • Do your posts start conversations or promote sharing?

After seeing your metrics, you can make informed decisions on what types of posts do best, when to post, what to say or ask and more. Your Facebook Marketing will begin to drastically improve with every post.

Do you know what Edge Rank is?

This is Facebook’s ranking algorithm that basically decides who sees your posts if anybody. If your posts are low quality the algorithm will block your Facebook fans from seeing your posts. On average, the businesses we come across have about 1% of their fans even seeing their posts.

So even if you have 500 fans, maybe 5-10 are seeing your posts. Just having a high number of fans is not enough, you need to build your EdgeRank score by posting high quality content, mixing it up and using tools like links, pictures, hashtags and more to engage your fans and get them to interact.

EdgeRank scores are based on many factors including but not limited to:

  • How many people like your posts
  • How many people share your posts
  • How many people comment on your posts
  • What type of post it is
  • What structure your post is in
  • What words you use
  • What hashtags you use
  • What style links you use to link to 3rd party content

Heads up! Using a professional Facebook marketing agency even for a short time can help you increase your EdgeRank score. At Possible Web we work with clients for 6-12 months helping them increase their EdgeRank scores in order to get their Facebook page to be more effective for their business. 

You will begin to see the following benefits:

  • More views of your posts
  • More clicks on your links
  • More traffic to your website
  • More control of your audience
  • More sales from your followers

Find out what many other Charlotte NC business owners are finding out every day. The POWER OF FACEBOOK when used properly.

Thinking about running ads on Facebook. THIS IS A GREAT IDEA!!!!! Check out this post on Moz about Advertising on Facebook. However, again…why worry about it?  Let us manage your Ad account for you.