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Crush Local Launches Plus Other News

By January 14, 2015 No Comments

New Services For 2015

How to “Crush” your competition and more…

In our mission to deliver the best in digital services to Carolina businesses, we have launched a few new services that will help you get an advantage on your competition in 2015.

Most notably is the launch of our stand alone Local SEO service called Crush Local.  We encourage every local business to go sign up. For a minimal fee, your complete local “visibility foundation” will be set up for you and managed for 12 months.

What the heck is a Visibility Foundation???  

(good question.)

First, 3 facts.

  • Fact #1: Yelp, Angies List and others are growing very rapidly.
  • Fact #2: 80% of consumers who search for a local business will go there within 24 hours
  • Fact #3: 20% of all searches are local (on Google alone there are 2.8 billion searches every day)

What to take from this is not Local SEO is important. Clearly, there are many local searches every day. But while the majority are still happening on the mighty Google, a lot of them are happening on new websites featuring reviews and deals.

Apps, GPS systems and all sorts of cool tools are being created every day for the the local consumer to easily locate great businesses and get the services and goods they need.

Hence, your Visibility Foundation – the first and most important step to expecting any good leads from the enormous local search opportunity.

What you get:

  • Optimized Google Maps Listing
  • Bing Local and Yahoo Local (look for Yahoo to make a huge play for local search in 2015)
  • 300+ of the most important listings
  • Apple Maps, GPS systems, mapping smartphone apps
  • Suggestions to improve your main website
  • A video created, uploaded online and ranked on Google with your phone number

Whats the purpose?

Our goal with Crush Local is three-fold:

  1. Deliver a high quality Local SEO service all businesses need
  2. Provide it at affordable prices to free up your budget for other marketing activities
  3. To remove the stress from getting Local SEO

Let’s be honest – Local SEO is really Local Lead Generating.   When we discuss “SEO” we are talk about things like additional ranking traffic assets,  content marketing and authority brand mentions.  When we discuss what a local business needs, it is really visibility in the community. This means being available with the same information, branding, reviews, and call to action on  whatever platform your customers decide to use that day.

While a traditional SEO campaign takes months to complete, after all we are training one of the smartest computers in the world (Google) to do what we want it to do and that just takes time and a lot of effort,  a “Local SEO” campaign can be set up very quickly and provided at a price where it makes sense for a business owner to build it into their monthly budget. It is not a project, it is not a campaign – it is a small daily spend to ensure your local visibility is perfect.
Stay tuned later this week to find out about our other very exciting product that we built and invested in to provide the best businesses we find with a awesome, premium, local lead getting tool all for free.