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Charlotte SEO: Expert On Page Optimization Tips

By September 1, 2016 No Comments

In Charlotte,  SEO is competitive. Not only are there a ton of companies that want to rank on Google, there are a ton of “Charlotte SEO experts” that are peddling their wares and hawking their links. Are they experts? Who knows. The word expert is rather overused these days, along with guru, thought leader, influencer, and celebrity. In fact, just by having a blog you can refer to yourself as an expert on whatever topic you like!

But what does it take to rank well in Charlotte? First, you will want to review aspects of what is known as on page optimization.

On page optimization is defined as:

“Onpage optimization refers to all measures that can be taken directly within the website in order to improve its position in the search rankings. Examples of this include measures to optimize the content or improve the meta tags.” (http://www.searchmetrics.com/glossary/on-page-optimization/)

We have discussed on page optimization techniques before on this blog but in a more in-depth technical manner.

This post will be covering several on page SEO tricks you can apply to your website today in order to get your site indexed better and ranked higher than your competition.  Specifically, we will discuss applying these techniques in a manner that will help you rank better in Charlotte local searches.

Charlotte On Page SEO

Follow the below steps to improve your rankings. Whether your customers are searching from Uptown, Ballantyne, Matthews, Dilworth, Elizabeth area, Myers Park, Providence Rd or any other area of Charlotte you will be sure your website is getting found.

Charlotte On Page Optmization - Charlotte SEO Techniques for better search engine rankings in North Carolina

Organizing Your Website Pages

By structuring your website in a more cohesive manner you will not only get your pages indexed better but also lead your website visitors around your website in the pattern you want. So how do you structure pages?

Start with your home page and set up your first layer of pages. These will be common pages like: About Us, Services, Contact Us, Blog page and any other “top level pages”.

Next you want to drill down into your “money pages”. These are typically your service or product pages.  If you are a Charlotte plumber, your money pages would be emergency plumbing, toilets and showers, clog cleaning, sink installation, etc.

These pages would layer behind the “parent page” which is Services. 


This lets both Google and website visitors know that Service 1 is part of the grouping of pages under Services. So it makes logical sense.

This is much better than having a floating page like homepage.com/service-1/

Floating pages are confusing to search engines.

Breadcrumbs are a great tool to use to help search engines and web visitors navigate around your site. Allowing visitors to get back to the last page they were on without using the back button is a great UX feature.

Optimizing Your Images of Your Work in Charlotte

Most people optimize the written content of their website and call it a day. Their theory? Search engines can only understand the written content on a website, they don’t have eyeballs.

While they are correct about the eyeball fact, they are wrong about the fact that search engines can’t understand images.

Here are some parts of an image file that search engines can understand:

  • File name: Are your images named DSC-2384729384789ax? Name your image files my-best-keyword.jpg and you will see an immediate impact.
  • ALT tags: Give search engines some clues about the topics and content of your images by including ALT tags. Search engines scan and understand images using the ALT tags; they are also used for Internet users who are hard of sight. Use your ALT tags wisely and be very descriptive about your images
  • Image size: Speed up your website by decreasing the size of your image files. While this doesnt provide any keyword clues or topical content for your images to search engines, you will be rewarded with higher search rankings because your website loads faster than your competition

Dominate Charlotte Search Rankings Using Our Tips

Before you sign up with a reseller of SEO services and leave your Charlotte website in the hands of an outsourced crew of workers with a very high turnover. The guy optimizing your website this month will probably not be the person working on the site next month.

You can improve your rankings yourself! Ask us about learning how to do Charlotte SEO yourself.