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Banner Ads: Creating A Winning Design

By April 16, 2014 No Comments

How to Design and Use Banner Ads Effectively

Traditionally, banner ads have not created a strong enough return for most businesses to consider investing in, however new Real Time Bidding technology allows businesses to control spending and target the perfect audience with the perfect ad. Find out how.

Banner ads brought with them a new era in efficient and easy to use web based online marketing. Companies suddenly had a new alternative that was efficient enough to take television advertising head on and yet was quite affordable. Because of the cheap and effective nature of banner advertising, it was an instant hit.From websites to email footers, banner ads were seen everywhere. Certainly, with recent banner ad technology development, online advertising has received a bigger and better platform than ever before.

In case you wish to develop stylish banner ads to promote your business then do give a look to tips mentioned below for high converting design:

* ‘Call To Action’ – The usage of words like ‘Click here’, ‘Learn More and ‘Ok’ is very important while creating a banner ad. The usage of these words would seem small but it has been proved through research that these worlds act like a subconscious stimuli and increase the chances of a banner to be clicked – hence calling them to action (at least at first, your true call to action will come later with your offer).

* Animate! – For an online banner, there is nothing like an animation to support its content. An animated banner demands attention and creates interest. Animated banners are also useful as they complement the design of a website. Here, care should be taken, to keep the banner animation to a minimum level, such that it looks good and remains small in size. A lot of animation means a lot of images, sounds or other multimedia objects; all this makes a banner bulkier in size and thus increases the time taken by the banner to load on a computer.

* Size – For a banner, size does matter. It should be of utmost priority to make banners which are able to load quickly and effectively. Ideally, a banner should be sized between 10-12 kb. Making a small sized banner can be difficult when making animated banner ads; in such cases the banner size should be kept around 15-20 kb at the maximum.

* Headlines – The headline in a banner is one of the most important things that would attract the visitors. A good looking banner is not enough for having visitors come to your website. Most users do not give enough time to a banner and certainly do not care to read through it. A heading helps the users to know the content of a banner in a single look. If you are giving a service or product that is free, one of the best words to use as a heading in your banner could be ‘FREE’. The word ‘FREE’, when included in any heading, almost immediately guarantees exponential click through rates.

Hot Tip! Another great word to include on your banner ad is the word “Get”.  People don’t often have a lot of time online, they want to know what they are going to get and they want to know quick!

* Blue – The inclusion of blue underlined texts and blue borders have spelled wonders for banners. A blue underlined text or a blue border is immediately identified as a hyperlink and thus leaves no doubt in the mind of a user that the banner will genuinely take him to a website. See a Google Results page for proof of Blue Links work. If it is a renowned website, inclusion of the website name around the lowermost or the uppermost corner serves as an added advantage.

* Change – If you have not changed your banner ads for a long time, changing of banner ads is also advised. Frequent and loyal visitors get used to seeing the banners and after say, third time of continuous viewing of the same banner, learn to ignore it.

Check out the infographic below to see a visual representation by buysellads.com on the “Anatomy of the Perfect Banner Ad”


Design Banner Ads

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